Team Pedro Sauer UK

Halldór Sveinsson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Sessions – October 2015

Robin French with Halldór Sveinsson - October 2015

Making his latest trip to ‘Merry Old England’ in October, Halldór Sveinsson delivered an awesome Gracie Jiu Jitsu class and workshop for myself and the guys at Team Pedro Sauer UK, in South Woodham Ferrers.

Halldór, a PSBJJA Purple Belt training at Gracie Iceland in Reykjavik, covered a lot of material in his short visit; some being brand new to everyone, and some being a polish of techniques we regularly train.

As with each time Halldór comes to train with us in the UK, there is an abundance of quality martial arts, awesome food, and great times!

I’m sure I speak for everyone that spent time with Halldór during the visit; please come back and see us again soon!

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