Team Pedro Sauer UK

Johann Eyvindsson Seminar – March 2018

Robin French with Johann Eyvindsson - March 2018

When Johann mentioned over breakfast, whilst he was here for Professor Allan’s seminar back in February, that he was heading over in March to give a seminar of his own at Southend Combat Academy, I knew I had to clear my diary.

Having first met Johann back in 2014 on my first trip to Gracie Iceland for the annual Master Pedro Sauer camp that they host, his dedication to authentic Gracie Jiu Jitsu was abundantly clear; self defence is always first and foremost.

The people that he has trained with, and hosted, are like a who’s who of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. To be able to tap into that for just a couple of hours would be invaluable. Besides, it’s always nice to show support to other Gracie Jiu Jitsu clubs in the UK.

Finishing the regular Team Pedro Sauer UK class a shade early (missing out the rolling time), myself and Sam Keyes got straight in the car and made the commute from Chelmsford down to the centre of Southend in the snowy conditions, that Johann had clearly brought with him from Iceland.

Arriving just in time, the session opened with the the presentation of two new Blue Belts; the result of untold hours of work that had culminated in an extensive test by Johann that morning (well done again David and Darryl!).

The seminar worked progressively from bottom position to bottom position, giving tips and advice from each. Although the positions were changing, the overriding message in each remained the same “Distance Management, Punch Protection”.

Personally for me, there were equal measures of getting a chance to practice and consider thoughts and techniques that I already knew, and fresh new golden nuggets that I can get to using straight away.

Rounding off, Johann opened up the floor for some Q&A. The answers to which gave some confirmation that we are on the right track with what we already teach our guys, but also added some new analogies and points to include.

After some photos, and some “au revoirs”, Sam and I were back on the A127, hot-tailing it out of Southend. Thanks to Johann for giving up his time, Simon for hosting, and to Sam for being my training partner!

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