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Judo ‘Bash Night’ – August 2010

Judo Bash Night

On Thursday 26th August 2010,  as the final part of Peter Squire‘s judo blue belt grading, we travelled down to an army base near Folkestone, for an IBF ‘Bash Night’.

The format of the night was simple; a one round on/one round off hour of randori (judo sparring), using status quo tracks as round timers.

The night was just one part of a week long residential course held annually by the IBF; the only place where Dan grades are taken, under the watchful eye of both John and Martin Clarke (5th and 6th Dan Judo, respectively).

At the end of the evening, Peter was informed that he had passed his grading; a well deserved rank up, after an unfaltering performance. Well done Peter!

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