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Jun Fan Gung Fu Black Belt Grading – September 2012

Robin French with Sifu David Farmer and Sifu Phil Read - September 2012

Saturday 1st September 2012 saw Laurence Sandum’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Chelmsford host the latest UK MASDA Jun Fan Gung Fu Black Belt Grading.

A group of three academy instructors, including myself, tested for our 3rd Degree Black Belt, whilst another two candidates travelled across the country to test for the 1st Degree Black Belt.

For all candidates the grading consisted of a whole day assessment, covering material from any previous grading as well as novel material for the new grade.

At the end of the assessment, Sifu Laurence spent time to go through each person’s results with them individually. I am happy to say that the hard work and determination leading up to the day paid off and everybody passed.

I would like to congratulate both Tony Childs and Alan Tomasik, of Total Martial Arts in Swindon, for earning their 1st Degree Black Belt.

I would also like to congratulate Sifu David Farmer and Sifu Phil Read. Both of them, like myself have been training with Sifu Laurence for ten years or more and we now have the great honour of being the highest graded students ever promoted in Jun Fan Gung Fu by Sifu Laurence.

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