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Master Pedro Sauer European Seminars – June 2014

Robin French with Master Pedro Sauer - June2014

After waiting eagerly, like a kid does for Xmas, I finally got to open my Gracie Jiu Jitsu flavoured presents, when I was able to follow Master Pedro Sauer across Europe for a double set of weekend seminars.

Starting off at Dave Birkett’s academy in Dartford, the very first technique Master Sauer showed was an amazingly simple way to detach hooks when someone has your back. This was the first time my mind was blown during the course of week, but certainly not the last!

The next two days of training was held at my regular training venue, Laurence Sandum’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy, in Chelmsford. On top of all the awesome information being given, it was nice to see academy members receiving their stripes, in recognition of all the hard work and mat time they have put in. even better was when Martyn Rackham and Tim Baker both had the honour of testing for and receiving their Blue Belts from Master Sauer himself; well done guys, your testing looked really good!

Next was a short hop across the water to Iceland, where my GJJ brother, Halldór Sveinsson, played the excellent host, for my wife and I.

After a week of relaxing whilst enjoying the beautiful Icelandic vista, and socialising with Gracie Jiu Jitsu royalty, I was ready for another information injection.

Held at PSBJJA affiliate Johann Eyvindsson’s club in Reykjavik, the weekend started with a master class in the cross choke from the guard, giving wonderfully subtle ways to set it up and to make it more effective.

The second session, on the Saturday morning, was taken by Professor Allan Manganello; who gave a great lesson in being aware of how your Jiu Jitsu needs to be in a self-defence situation.

After a brief trip to recharge with some chicken, the last session of the weekend was a chance to bring questions and problems to Master Sauer, before drilling the answers.

A massive thank you to Master Sauer and Professor Manganello for giving such exquisite detail, whilst keeping things as simple as possible. And for letting me tag along with their activities during the week.

Thank you to PSBJJA affiliates, Laurence Sandum and Johann Eyvindsson for making the two weekends possible.

Thanks again to Halldór Sveinsson for being the best possible host!

And last but definitely not least, thanks to my wonderful wife Clare, for supporting my passion of martial arts!


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