Team Pedro Sauer UK

Master Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – May 2016

Robin French and Peter Squire with Master Pedro Sauer - May 2016

May 2016 marked my third successive year travelling to Iceland to train with Master Pedro Sauer. For the first time however, Master Sauer then travelled on to see his affiliates in Norway; so I seized the opportunity to get a bit more time training with him.

Also travelling with me were Martyn Rackham, Ally Grant, and fellow Team Pedro Sauer UK affiliate, Peter Squire.

After a post-flight relax in the hot tubs, we went on to do our first bit of training on Friday evening; a semi-private session with Master Sauer at Gracie Iceland.

Saturday’s session, again at Gracie Iceland, had more people in attendance, with everybody given the chance to ask about particular problems that they currently find themselves in. For each, Master Sauer gave an incredibly simple answer; answers that relied on correct leverage and position, as opposed to strength and athleticism.

After an eye-wateringly early start to get to the airport, our group made the flight, train ride, and bus trip to get to Moss BJJ in Moss, Norway for the Sunday session. It was well worth it… The session was another masterclass in the application of simplicity; with Master Sauer addressing people’s seemingly inescapable positions, or troublesome submissions without missing a beat.

My travelling companions and I were left pretty exhausted from all of the traveling and training, but we all came away with not only a load of excellent material, but a refreshed enthusiasm to push forward and polish our Gracie Jiu Jitsu further.

A massive thank you to Master Sauer for making the Journey to Europe, and giving us so much of his time!

I would also like to thank PSBJJA affiliates Johann Eyvindsson and Jørn Bakken for making the weekend happen.

As with every visit to Iceland, Halldór Sveinsson made sure we were extremely well looked after; thanks Halldór!

A final thank you goes out to my travelling companions for plenty of great training, fun times, and plenty of laughs.

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