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Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – February 2019

Robin French with Michel Babytank Verhoeven and Peter Squire - Feb 2019

With a relatively small number of Gracie Jiu Jitsu schools in the UK, and especially in the South East, I always try to support as many events as I can get to.

And with Fluxo Jiu Jitsu hosting Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven, just across the water in Kent, it was somewhat of a no-brainer.

After a relatively early Sunday morning start, and a mishap with a full cup of green tea, myself and my Team Pedro Sauer UK co-instructor Peter Squire, set off down the A12; Aylesford-bound.

Arriving at the gym, we scaled our way all the way up to the loft of Evolution Strength and Fitness; the well sized home of Fluxo Jiu Jitsu.

After a few hellos and some catch ups, the seminar started.

To get everybody warmed up and ready to go, Michel took us through the Ginastica Natural inspired Ribeiro Tiger Routine. We then had fun with the ‘Monkey in the Tree’ drill; which is made much easier or harder, depending on how big your partner is…

As a further warm up, we worked some standing self defence options for the bad guy aggressively getting into your personal space unexpectedly.

For the main section of the session, attention shifted to guard passing; with Michel first offering a few nice ‘salt and pepper’ additions to the standard pass, before discussing options on how to deal with the knee shield.

Three hours snuck up on us quickly, and the end of the session arrived. After some thank yous and goodbyes, Peter and I jumped back into his van and got back on the road; this time Chelmsford-bound.

Thanks to Michel for the great seminar, the guys at Fluxo for hosting, and to Peter for being my training partner (and driving)!

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Robin French with Alex Ueda and Johann Eyvindsson - June 2019

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