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Nage no Kata Course – May 2011

On Saturday 21st May 2011 I was lucky enough to attend a Judo seminar with John Clarke and Collin Carrott, hosted by Laurence Sandum‘s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy.

Both John Clarke and Collin Carrott are highly graded Judoka under the IBF (International Budo Federation), and gave an outstanding seminar, covering ‘Nage-no-Kata’.

‘Nage-no-Kata’ (Forms of Throwing) is an important part of the Judo Dan grade syllabus, made up of 5 sets of 3 throws each, which are demonstrated on both the left and right hand sides, totalling 30 throws.

The benefit of having such highly graded instructors meant that as well as learning the series of throws, I gained insight into exactly how the should be performed and all the associated etiquette.

I left the seminar, with the information I need, to practice and perfect the kata for my next Judo grading.

As ever, Peter Squire was my ‘uke’ throughout the day and I would like to extend a special thanks to him.

A big thanks also to John Clarke and Collin Carrott, for taking the time to travel from Sittingbourne to Chelmsford to give the seminar, and to Laurence Sandum for hosting it.

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