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Professor Allan Manganello Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – March 2016

Robin French with Professor Allan Manganello - March 2016

Mid-March is usually a pretty mediocre time of the year. Not this year; March 2016 was something special… As part of my involvement with Team Pedro Sauer UK, I was fortunate enough to co-host Professor Allan Manganello for a Gracie Jiu Jitsu masterclass, in South Woodham Ferrers.

Professor Allan’s resume is impressive; graded under Master Rickson Gracie and Master Pedro Sauer, as well as being a certified instructor under the Gracie Academy.

The visit started with Professor Allan taking our regular class on Thursday night; a real treat for the handful of class members that couldn’t make the weekend session.

The seminar itself was well attended by regular Team Pedro Sauer UK trainees, a handful of visitors from across the UK, as well as by my Icelandic chum Halldór Sveinsson. In terms of content, Professor Allan took the time to show some material not normally seen in seminar; with some excellent drills to take away and perfect.

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to spend some time on the mat with Professor Allan in private sessions; which was absolutely amazing!

Thanks to Professor Allan travelling to see us. Feedback from those in attendance was excellent; with everybody looking forward to his next visit.

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