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Professor Allan Manganello Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – March 2019

Robin French with Professor Allan Manganello and Peter Squire - March 2019

With Professor Allan Manganello last visiting us way back in June of last year, his return this time was eagerly anticipated; both by me, and all the guys and girls of Team Pedro Sauer UK.

Giving a seminar the previous weekend for the PSBJJA guys in Norway, Professor Allan made the most of being on this side of the Atlantic already, and arrived with us mid-week.

Arriving with a few days to spare meant that we got to spend some good time socialising; eating some good food, drinking plenty of coffee, and failing miserably at visiting a castle (we ended up at the zoo instead!).

Having just missed getting back in time for our regular Wednesday class in Chelmsford, the first session that Professor Allan took was our Thursday session in South Woodham Ferrers. With a huge turnout, the energy was high, with everyone lapping up the material; starting out with a double leg takedown and finishing up with some slick ways to get the Americana from mount.

The next scheduled session was the latest round of Blue Belt testing on Friday evening. After a very comprehensive assessment, I’m very proud to say we gained seven new blue belts! (Well done again guys!)

Not wishing to cancel it, I opted to run the Saturday morning class whilst Pete took Professor Allan out for breakfast, and started the logistical headache of getting everything where it needed to be for the seminar itself.

Rushing back to South Woodham Ferrers from class, the first seminar started at noon. With a focus of ‘Defend’, the session worked through how to keep safe when in what is normally seen as a number of bad spots, and how it is best not to force your way out. Remaining composed and ready, when the opportunity arises, you take the escape; which coincidentally was going to be the focus of the second session.

After a quick lunch break the ‘Escape’ session started, in which Professor Allan showed a progression on how to escape the Mount position; a series that really did give an option for all the basic things the ‘bad guy’ could do.

I got a great deal from both of the seminars. And with a whole load of drilling of the material to make it reflexive, I am pretty sure it’ll be a significant part of my preferred game.

After the seminar, a pretty low key evening out at the local Brazilian BBQ meant that we could debrief with professor Allan. As our mentor, he always provides a load of feedback on what he wants us to work on; both personally, and with our students.

With me opting for the pick up this time around, Pete did the drop off at Heathrow early Sunday morning. Another awesome weekend of Gracie Jiu Jitsu in the bag!

As ever, I have to thank Professor Allan for all of his support; his oversight of what we’re doing over here in the UK is invaluable for Pete and I.

Robin French with Guro Neil McLeod and Rachael McLeod - Feb 2020

Guro Neil McLeod Seminar – February 2020

Robin French with Halldor Sveinsson, Peter Squire and TPSUK Members - Jan 2020

Halldór Sveinsson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – January 2020

Robin French wIth Professor Allan Manganello, Peter Squire, and New TPSUK Blue Belts - Nov 2019

Professor Allan Manganello Seminar – November 2019

Robin French with Johann Eyvindsson - October 2019

Johann Eyvindsson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – October 2019

Robin French with Guro Daniel Lonero - September 2019

Guro Daniel Lonero Seminar – September 2019