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Sifu Jim Brault Wing Chun Seminar – August 2017

Robin French with Sifu Jim Brault - August 2017

After what seemed like a long break, the start of August saw a return to  Sifu Laurence Sandum’s Academy in Witham, for the latest Wing Chun seminar with Sifu Jim Brault’s latest.

With an impeccable lineage, direct to Sifu Francis Fong, Sifu Jim’s knowledge and attention to detail are outstanding; meaning that he gives a thorough understanding of the why, as well as the what.

After warming up with some trapping options, Sifu Jim worked through the second Wing Chun set, Chum Kiu; breaking each move down for analysis and explanation.

A theme that ran through the whole session for me, and a major thought that I took away was the principle of  grounding and connection; I went away considering how this relates and carries over to all of the various martial arts that I train.

Thanks to Sifu Jim for delivering such an awesome session; I look forward to the next one!

Thanks also, as ever, to Sifu Laurence for organising the event.

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