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Sifu Jim Brault Wing Chun Seminar – January 2017

Robin French with Sifu Jim Brault - January 2017

After presenting a workshop myself at the beginning of the week, I took the opportunity to increase my own learning, at Sifu Jim Brault’s latest Wing Chun seminar at Sifu Laurence Sandum’s Academy in Witham.

A full instructor under Sifu Francis Fong, Sifu Jim’s session are always full of amazing nuggets of insight into the intricacies of Wing Chun.

With only a handful of people in attendance, Sifu Jim was able to spend plenty of time with each person; allowing him to fine tune exactly what it was we ‘needed’.

What I found particularly beneficial from this seminar was that Sifu Jim showed us no new material. Instead, by working with him directly, I gained further insight into the drill and techniques I already practice.

Unfortunately, prior commitments mean that I can’t make his next session in February, but I look forward to the following seminar in March.

A huge thank you to Sifu Jim for presenting the seminar, to Sifu Laurence for hosting, and to David Farmer for being my training partner.

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