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Sifu Jim Brault Wing Chun Seminar – October 2016

Robin French with Sifu Jim Brault - October 2016

At the beginning of what promises to be a busy couple of weeks, my first stop this month saw me return to Sifu Laurence Sandum’s Academy in Witham, for another Wing Chun seminar with Sifu Jim Brault.

A Full Instructor under Sifu Francis Fong, Sifu Jim’s attention to detail is impeccable; with always just the right analogy to make a point, and to give corrections.

The seminar focussed on material from Sifu Fong’s syllabus; allowing me to get things to go away and work on before my next grading.

As well as the technical Wing Chun aspects, Sifu Jim finished off the session by leading us through some breathwork and relaxation techniques; a nice balance to the action of the day leading up to it.

Coming away form the seminar, I have learnt some new material to drill, as well as clarified on questions I had regarding the drills and forms I was already practicing.

Thanks to Sifu Jim for the awesome session, and to Sifu Laurence for arranging the day.

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