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Sifu Mark Phillips Wing Chun Seminar – December 2013

Robin French with Sifu Mark Phillips - December 2013

Following on from his BJJ seminar at the end of November, Sifu Mark Phillips returned to Laurence Sandum’s Black Belt Academy on December 7th to give another workshop, this time in Wing Chun.

During the session, Sifu Mark worked seminar attendees through his progression in teaching chi sao.

I had the great honour of being used for demonstration by Sifu Mark; it was a unique opprtunity for me to ‘feel’ what long term training in Wing Chun can develop in a martial artist.

Thanks to Sifu Mark for, yet again, giving such an awesome seminar. And as ever, a special thanks to Laurence Sandum for continuing to host such World class martial arts seminar in Chelmsford.

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