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Simon Wells Muay Thai Seminar -April 2014

Robin French with Simon Wells - April 2014

The beginning of April saw Master Thaiboxing Instructor Simon Wells return to Laurence Sandum‘s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy, for another of his superb Muay Thai Seminars.

Beginning with some skipping and stretching, led by Simon’s assistant, Nick Opyrchal, the focus of the session soon switched to variations on the teep.

The latter part of the seminar again switched focus, moving on to both jumping and leaping elbows; taking full advantage of the space available to us!

After missing the last Muay Thai seminar with Simon Wells, due to prior commitments, this session really reminded me how much I enjoy training Muay Thai; and how great it is to get a work out and de-stress.

The seminar was part Alex Barnett’s  whole-day 3rd Level UK MASDA Muay Thai Black Belt assessment. Prior to the seminar, she had demonstrated all of the required material, whilst after the seminar, she was pushed to her limits with a gruelling fitness test. Her hard work paid off, as she passed; well done Alex!


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