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Simon Wells Muay Thai Seminar – July 2017

Robin French with Simon Wells and Nick Opyrchal - July 2017

It’s that time of year again… I get to train Muay Thai with Simon Wells at Laurence Sandum’s Academy in Witham.

Sessions with Simon are always excellent, and he didn’t fail to deliver the goods this time around!

Assisted throughout by his perennial assistant Nick Opyrchal, Simon started the session off with shadowboxing; slowly adding in different ‘weapons’ from the Thaiboxing arsenal.

Moving on, Simon worked through various Boxing defences and follow-ups. He discussed how certain types are appropriate for certain ranges; and how using the wrong type for a given range is dangerous and highly unlikely to work.

Next up was some great pad work drills; I am sure to add these into my regular personal training repertoire!

Rounding out the session, was a focus on elbows; angles of attack, in what circumstance they might be useful, and feeding patterns that work particular well together.

Thanks to Simon and Nick for travelling down and delivering such a great seminar.

Thanks also, as ever, to Laurence Sandum for arranging and hosting the session!

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