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Women’s Self Defence Workshop – November 2016

Women's Self Defence Workshop - November 2016

Running for the second time at the Upgraded You Training Centre in Chelmsford, Peter Squire and I ran our latest Women’s Self Defence Workshop at the start of November, under the banner of Team Pedro Sauer UK.

As with the previous workshops, the session started out with detailing the three things that need to be in place for an attack to take place, as well as the four stages of an assault.

With material taken from the Gracie Jiu Jitsu syllabus, the ladies attending the session then worked through a choice selection of techniques and strategies designed to keep them safer; starting with how to pre-empt and avoid a potential situation, through to getting out from under a bigger, stronger opponent.

As always, everyone that came along did great, listened, and took on the information presented. Thanks guys; it was a pleasure to run the workshop!

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