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Yoga and Shiatsu Seminar – May 2012

Robin French with Michael Powell - May 2012

On Friday 11th May 2012 I was lucky enough to attend a seminar at Laurence Sandum’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Chelmsford focusing on the healing arts of Yoga and Shiatsu, given by Master Tutor Michael Powell.

Carrying on from the last session that he has held at the academy, Michael warmed everybody up with the Sun Salutation, before working through some new positions and flows. As ever, Michael emphasised the point that yoga is a method of personal development where the mind, body and soul are in unity. As such, he gave progressions that people of varying flexibility and mobility could practice.

On request from myself, Michael spent time during the Shiatsu section of the seminar to cover methods for working the shoulder area. After being used to demonstrate on, it was clear  to me just how large an effect these methods can have in a short time, as my shoulder felt much more relaxed and mobile.

As ever, Michael’s calm and positive manner seemed to leave all attendees relaxed. I am really looking forward to Michael’s return to the academy in the near future.

Thanks to both Michael for travelling to the academy to give such an outstanding session and also to Guro Laurence Sandum for making it happen.

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