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Kali / Filipino Martial Arts


Kali is one of many terms used to describe martial arts originating from the Phillipines.

In total there are 12 areas to Kali:

  • Single Stick
  • Double Stick
  • Long and Short
  • Double Dagger
  • Single Dagger
  • Double-Ended Dagger
  • Empty Hand
  • Staff
  • Flexible Weapon
  • Throwing Weapons
  • Projectile Weapons
  • Spiritual Development

As such, Kali can be seen as a complete martial art that covers all ranges of combat; where the use of weapons is seamlessly blended together with empty hand techniques, giving excellent Self Defence skills

Training in Filipino Martial Arts consists of drills and series that develop muscle memory, and enhance hand-eye coordination.

Robin French with Guro Neil McLeod and Rachael McLeod - Feb 2020

Guro Neil McLeod Seminar – February 2020

Robin French with Guro Daniel Lonero - September 2019

Guro Daniel Lonero Seminar – September 2019

Robin French with Guro Daniel Lonero - September 2018

Guro Daniel Lonero Kali & Silat Seminar – September 2018

Robin French with Simon Wells and Nick Opyrchal - May 2018

Simon Wells Kali Seminar – May 2018

Robin French with Guro Daniel Lonero - September 2017

Guro Daniel Lonero Kali, Silat & JKD Seminar – September 2017