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Nage no Kata Course – July 2011

On Sunday 17th July 2011 Laurence Sandum and myself travelled from Chelmsford, Essex, to the IBF (International Budo Federation) headquarter’s in Sittingbourne, Kent, for a follow on session to last month’s Nage no Kata course in Chelmsford.

Yet again, the course was taken by John Clarke and Collin Carrott;  both highly graded Judoka and two of the best instructors to learn this material from.

By the end of the session, I had got the 15 throws, left and right memorised and now have to go away and practice, so that it is ready for future gradings.

A big thanks also to John Clarke and Collin Carrott, for hosting the seminar, and to Laurence Sandum for being my ‘uke’.

Robin French with Johann Eyvindsson - May 2019

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