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Sifu Jim Brault Wing Chun Seminar – December 2016

Robin French with Sifu Jim Brault - December 2016

Rounding off a pretty awesome year of seminars, my final stop this year was a return to Sifu Laurence Sandum’s Academy in Witham, for a Wing Chun masterclass with Sifu Jim Brault.

Himself a full instructor under Sifu Francis Fong, Sifu Jim never fails to deliver with his sessions; giving just the right amount of input and correction to get you on your way to the next stage, whilst keeping the atmosphere entertaining and easy going.

Hot off the back of the Sifu Francis Fong seminar I attended the previous week, I used the opportunity to pick Sifu Jim’s brain on some of the things that I had seen, but not been able to get well enough to take away and drill. This, plus some extra ‘bolt-ons’ to the drills I regularly practice, mean that I have plenty to work on until I see Sifu Jim again in the New Year.

Taking a reflective look back at the year, I’m happy when I see that although my progress in Wing Chun has been characteristically slow, there has been some definite progress. This has only been made possible by the guys that I learn from, and train with; a massive thank you to all of you!

Robin French with Master Pedro Sauer, Alex Ueda and Johann Eyvindsson - June 2019

Master Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – June 2019

Robin French with Alex Ueda and Johann Eyvindsson - June 2019

Alex Ueda and Johann Eyvindsson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminars – June 2019

Robin French with Johann Eyvindsson - May 2019

Johann Eyvindsson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – May 2019

Robin French with Professor Allan Manganello and Peter Squire - March 2019

Professor Allan Manganello Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – March 2019

Robin French with Michel Babytank Verhoeven and Peter Squire - Feb 2019

Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – February 2019