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Silat and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar – October 2011

Robin French with David Onuma

Saturday 1st October saw Guro David Onuma visit Laurence Sandum‘s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Chelmsford Essex, to give two great seminars.

The first two-hour seminar covered Maphilindo Silat. During the session, we covered movements on the ground  and ways to get up from the ground before moving onto standing sweeps using different foot sectors.

The second two-hour seminar was on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Seminar attendees worked through a basic warm-up before first drilling escapes from different positions and then work attacks from the guard.

I would like to thank Guro David Onuma for travelling to the academy to give these two seminars; I have come away from them with some fresh ideas and great points for my own drilling and rolling.

As ever, I would also like to thank Guro Laurence Sandum for making the day possible and arranging the session.

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