Team Pedro Sauer UK

Master Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar – June 2017

Robin French wIth Master Pedro Sauer and Peter Squire - June 2017

Marking my fourth successive year to do so, June 2017 saw me return to Iceland to train with Master Pedro Sauer at Gracie Iceland‘s summer camp.

Travelling with me from Team Pedro Sauer UK was my fellow PSBJJA affiliate Peter Squire, as well as Bill Long, Julio Era, and Brett Argyle.

After the same early start as last year’s trip, our group’s first stop in Reykjavik was to grab some lunch and drop our bags off at our AirBnB, before walking down to Gracie Iceland for the first session of the weekend; a seminar with Johann Eyvindsson and David Porter.

With the first seminar in the bag, we made our way to the local hot tubs to undo a day of travelling and training, before spending the evening at a local tapas bar. We had a great time socialising and chatting with everyone; especially hearing some of David Porter’s amusing stories.

Picking up a quick breakfast and coffee en route, we headed to Saturday’s session with Master Sauer. As per his usual Q&A style of seminar teaching, people ‘brought their questions’. Without fail, the answers to these questions were incredibly simple; with the guys asking the question saying ‘doh, why didn’t I think of that…?

Instead of reams of new techniques to take away, what there was in abundance was subtle refinement of what we already do; things I could take away and instantly add to my game.

There was also an huge amount of inspiration to always keep training and developing; exemplified by the story of how Master Sauer had only in the last year learnt a new way to grip for his rear chokes.

After yet another hot tub visit, Saturday’s meal was a BBQ at our good friend’s Halldór Sveinsson (Thanks Halldór!).

Sunday morning was site-seeing time; with Johann Eyvindsson driving us all around in a bus to visit some of the more local wonders of Iceland.

On our return to the Gracie Iceland dojo, we put our gis back again, for an open mat session. It was great to roll with a bunch of such friendly guys. I was even lucky enough to get to Roll with David Porter; I’m happy to say that I have officially been added to the d’arce club…

After a quick bite to eat, we hit the hot tubs for one final time (we need them in the UK…).

After throwing all of my things back into my suitcase, and getting a few hours sleep, another early start saw us head back to Keflavik airport; after what seemed like bit of a whirlwind of a weekend, another camp was officially complete!

Thanks first to Master Sauer; for making the trip to Iceland, and being so generous with his time and knowledge! On a more personal note, I was also surprised and very thankful that Master Sauer felt it appropriate to add another stripe to Peter’s and my blue belts.

Thanks also to David Porter for accompanying Master Sauer; it was great to finally meet, and hope we can set something up for you to visit us, in the UK, at some point soon!

As with every year, I am thankful to Johann Eyvindsson for arranging the weekend, and making it all happen!

My perennial thanks to Halldór Sveinsson, for being ‘our man in Iceland’; always available to make sure we are well looked after. I hope we return the favour exquisitely when you visit in a couple of weeks!

A final thank you to all of my fellow Team Pedro Sauer UK travellers; it was such a great weekend of training, and also highly hilarious!

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Robin French with Halldor Sveinsson, Peter Squire and TPSUK Members - Jan 2020

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